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Word of the Week: Drishti

If you come to my yoga classes, you’ll have heard me mention drishti.

Drishti is a Sanskrit word meaning sight, or focussed gazing.

There are a few differences depending on the style being practiced but generally there are 9 drishti points that we gaze at in certain yoga poses, for example the navel in downward dog.

This gazing technique develops concentration and helps create self awareness, however with practice can go beyond ‘just a technique’. As we advance in our yoga practice It can start to relate to ‘pratyahara’ meaning ‘sense withdrawal’ where we might see through the veil of our normal day-to-day reality.

This conscious seeing may help us achieve a higher level of consciousness.

There are some studies that look at the physiologic effects of drishti gazing, for example in bhrumadhye drishti, where we look to the point between our eyebrows studies suggest it stimulates the optic nerves, which awakens the autonomic and central nervous systems.


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