Sacred Space for Yoga & Wellbeing in Birmingham

All levels of ability. Beginner friendly.

Sacred space for Yoga & Wellbeing Birmingham

Awaken the Warrior Within

Sunday 23rd June 2019. 1.00pm – 4.00pm

When you awaken the warrior within, you are free to live the life you long for.

Free from the fears that stop you from achieving your full potential.

Your fears can cause anxiety, anger, hate, trauma and even illness. Is there anything you can do about it? The answer is a resounding ‘YES’

Using ancient teachings for modern times
discover how to awaken the warrior within,
to gain strength, courage and confidence
so you can face your fears and
climb the mountain inside of yourself.

This isn’t about self improvement.
YOU are already perfect.
It’s about awakening what is already within you.

What you’ll discover

Ancient teachings for modern times, why & how to apply them.
Take part in shamanic rituals.
Learn how to connect to your authentic self.
How to reprogram your negative beliefs.
Learn about shadow work.
Which foods either increase or decrease fear and anxiety.
Learn how to use fear, rather than fear using you.


Food is medicine – This workshop includes a calming herbal tea & homemade vegan power snack.
Includes take home material and home practice.

Benefits, depending on your focus;

Building confidence and self esteem – YES
Finding a meaning or purpose to life – YES
Use fear instead of fear using you – YES
Spiritual development – YES
Release Anger – YES
Relieve Stress – YES
Connection with like-minded people – YES

There’s something for everyone.



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Less than 2 weeks before the event - no refund.

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There are no refunds after the event and no guarantees. Results are dependant on your full participation and open mindedness.