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Word of the Week: Karma

This week’s word is Karma.

A question I get asked quite often is “What is karma?” And “does karma really exist?”

So my aim is to really simplify the meaning. Many traditions have different explanations and the western view of karma tends to point to karma as being a punishment and reward system, which it is not.

It can be put like this;

You plant an apple seed – you get an apple tree.

You plant a mango seed, you get a mango tree.

Though this may initially seem fixed and some might call it fate, there’s still a lot of room for free will here. Example; The apple seed might not make it past the process of being a seedling. Or, someone may nurture the seedling and it’s grows strong and healthy. The weather, the soil, the environment and many other factors all have an impact on the outcome. But regardless, an apple seed will never become a mango tree.

Looking at it from the point of view we can observe the kind of karma we are creating in our lives. Maybe you are trying to be something you are not? Or maybe you are not getting the results you want from life at the moment? If so, check to see if you are continually repeating the same behaviour but expecting different results.


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